Hoarders Cleanup

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It can be a difficult task to restore a property back to its original condition after a hoarding incident. 411 Restoration’s hoarding cleanup professionals help relieve the burden for everyone involved in the situation. We are sensitive to the thoughts and concerns of everyone who may be present at the property during the cleanup. They might have questions or fears, or simply need a smile and a word of comfort during this trying time. We understand the shock and grief that is being felt, and we respond with respect and genuine concern. Our goal is to help ease the physical and mental burdens that come with hoarding cleanups for any homeowner or business owner.

Junk Removal for Homes and Businesses

A lot of our clients come upon or have inherited a home that was once owned by a hoarder. Sometimes, when life seems to get out of control, people hold onto things that have no value. It’s a form of control for them and gives them some comfort when they feel that everything else has gotten out of hand. There are those kinds of hoarders that collect inanimate objects, while there are others to hoard animals. In either case, a professional cleanup can be the turning point to recovery. 411 Restoration’s technicians can turn your distressed residential or commercial property into a clean, disinfected and LIVABLE space.

It’s often the case that people who hard become overwhelmed with the problem that they have created over time. They don’t let friends and family members in their home anymore as the problem grows and begins to take over. Sometimes all they need to hear is that they’re not alone and that help is available to them. 411 Restoration’s hoarding cleanup technicians are all trained to be compassionate, sensitive, and discreet during hoarding cleanups.

Our hoarding services include:

  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Distressed Property Cleanup
  • Pack Rat Cleanup
  • Odor Removal
  • Cat Hoarding Cleanup
  • Animal Hoarding Cleanup

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