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Nothing is more unpleasant and potentially dangerous than the aftermath of a traumatic accident or violent crime. These types of situations usually involve a large variety of bodily fluids or tissues, coupled with the threat of dangerous chemicals or bio hazardous agents. Specialized cleaning methods and restoration services are needed in order to properly secure and stabilize the scene.

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411 Restoration offers a variety of crime scene and trauma cleanup services. We are available 24/7, day or night, in order to better accommodate any and all emergency calls that we may receive. Our team of field technicians are properly trained to deal with these types of scenarios effectively and in a prompt manner, which helps to alleviate some of the anguish and pain that may have been felt due to the traumatic event.

We’re proud of the time we have dedicated to ensure that all of our trauma and crime scene cleanup specialists have the right training, are IICRC Certified, and have experience in all of the areas of the cleanup and restoration process we employ. This allows us to be able to handle even the most serious situations. Our number one priority is that our customers are completely satisfied in all areas of the cleanup performed on the job.

An initial visual inspection usually reveals a large amount of blood and other bodily fluids, but a deeper inspection by technicians will locate a lot more that may be hidden from view. It is very important that all traces of these bio-hazardous elements are completely eradicated from the scene as fast and efficiently as possible in order to protect anyone in the area, as well as the immediate environment. On top of removing the bio-hazardous materials from the scene, we will also restore your residential or commercial property back to its pre-accident condition, making sure it’s safe and secure for everyone.

Because of how hazardous this kind of cleanup and restoration work is, it is highly recommended that the cleanup always be performed by a professional company. With same day rapid emergency response, 411 Restoration can have a technician on site within 60 minutes of your call. So long as the scene has been secured and approved for cleanup, we can usually be finished with the cleanup work within in a day, unless it is a more serious cases, then more time may be needed.

We’ll Work with Your Insurance Company

411 Restoration works directly with your insurance company, relieving you of the headaches and red tape that usually comes hand in hand with insurance matters. Let us take care of it all, so you can concentrate on getting your life back into order.

Every restoration job that we do comes with a free, no obligation estimate. You will know everything that we will be going to do, what tools and procedures will be used, as well as a time frame for completion. We have the best customer service staff and technicians that offer the highest quality of work, courteous service, and the best customer support. We are all properly trained and equipped to handle any kind of crime or traumatic accident, and will do a complete and thorough job cleaning up the mess and restoring everything back to its original condition in a prompt and efficient manner.

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